Motor Energy Conservation

Electric motor drive systems consume over one-half of the electrical energy generated in the United States and more than 70% of electrical energy used by industrial facilities. Most industrial motor applications require a constant speed driver, and little can be done to obtain maximum efficiency after the configuration of the load and driver have been specified by the facility designer. Constant-speed motors that are utilized to drive variable or cyclic loads (e.g., compressors) often operate well away from their maximum efficiency point.

FSI is familiar with a variety of products intended to improve the efficiency of constant speed induction motor applications. FSI's motor energy conservation analysis includes a review of all existing motor applications within your facility to identify those that are good candidates for installation of energy savings devices. For this select group of motors, measurements of motor operating parameters are made to obtain the data necessary to predict the actual energy savings obtainable with specific energy savings devices. We are also able to advise our clients on the expected benefits and risks associated with the use of these devices, and can provide engineering support for their installation.

As part of our motor energy conservation analysis we also evaluate the feasibility of repowering existing motor applications with steam turbine drives. Turbine drives, where feasible, offer significant reductions in electrical energy use and the ability to recover work lost in the plant steam system, thus further leveraging your energy expenditures.

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